Board President’s Update: Spring Preview

There’s a lot on our plate for this Spring. Here are some highlights.


On Sunday, February 16 I made an announcement about the Board voting to enter into discernment on our ministerial path forward by entering into the Search process outlined by the Unitarian Universalist Association in the Settlement Handbook. For a brief overview of the process, consider watching the video series from the Director of the UUA Transitions Office Keith Kron that explains the Search Process.

Here are some key events in the Search Process that will take place before the Annual Meeting at the end of May:

  • A Transition Coach from the UUA Central East Region will visit UUCC to help with the Search education and planning process
  • The Board of Trustees will need to form a Compensation Committee
  • The Compensation Committee will consultation with regional Compensation Consultant and report to the Board
  • The Board will develop and approve a budget for Search Committee
  • The UUCC website will be updated to put our best online foot forward
  • The Leadership Development Committee will lead the efforts to select the members of the Search CommitteeSearch Committee Selection
  • The congregation will vote on the slate of Search Committee nominees at the Annual Meeting
Save the date: Annual Meeting

If you became a Member of UUCC on or before March 2020, you will be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting on May 31. Participating in the Annual Meeting is an important right and responsibility of membership.

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