Corrective Action and Performance Improvement


The HR Department instituted a training series for all supervisors across the organization. A key area targeted for development was the corrective action process.


Managers were not consistently trained in the supervisory processes to follow with the employees who reported to them.

The procedures which were in place were not clearly articulated to all managers by their HR Business Partners.

The existing forms were cumbersome and presented problems for recordkeeping.

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Corrective Action: Tips & Pitfalls video segment


I began the project with the original PowerPoint that had been created by one of the HR Business Partners. It was revised by the VP of Training and Development. From that, I created a script and storyboards in PowerPoint.

It was decided to break the course content into 4 segments: "Process" "The Form," "Tips and Pitfalls," and "Terminations." The course was to be uploaded to the Thompson-Reuters learning platform that served as the LMS at the time.

I recorded and edited the narration using Audacity. The course would formatted as a SCORM package created in Camtasia with video portions interspersed with multiple choice questions. The videos used a great deal of stock photography, along with original graphics, to illustrate concepts and key points about the corrective action process.

The final course included about 21 minutes of video and 15 questions over the content.

This microlearning is the third part in the series, following an overview of the process, proper documentation, and coming before the session on terminations.


The Corrective Action training was assigned to over 800 supervisors with a greater than 90% completion rate. HR Business partners were better able to identify and coach managers who needed additional assistance.

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