Learning Center

Once of my first projects in 2019 was to create a home for the many training assets that I anticipated developing. The Learning Center continues to house the latest information and resources.

Zoom Breakout Rooms for Mediations

COVID-19 forced changes on the legal profession, especially on tasks that required intense face-to-face interactions, such as negotiations and mediations. I developed a live course to prepare attorneys for conducting those sessions remotely using the Zoom platform.

Trello Adoption Project

This was a demo project for a Trello adoption. The scenario was that a global appliance maker was adopting Trello to improve collaboration. The components of this project are proposals, scripts, and a short overview video.

AmTrust Connect Manager Introduction

On the eve of the launch of a major new online onboarding program, the director of Human Resources and VP of Training and Development asked for a short video commercial to help introduce the program to all levels of management who would be implementing the new system.

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