Company History Timeline


As part of an onboarding initiative, the HR Training and Development Department wanted to include multimedia and interactive components as a way to convey the history of the company. (1-23-19)


A complete company history did not exist.

Some significant dates and events were known to the marketing department while others were only listed in financial filings.

Information about acquisitions was difficult to find and media even more challenging.

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I suggested an interactive timeline as part of our virtual onboarding implementation using an online tool that I had previously used, TikiToki.

I started the project by using an Excel spreadsheet to list all events and acquisitions that I could document. I worked with Marketing and Mergers and Acquisitions to find what was readily available. After than I dug into SEC records online.

Once I had a list, we searched out logos and audio recordings of shareholders' meetings to create media files to embed in the timeline.

A link to the timeline was added to onboarding assignments for new hires as part of the AmTrust Connect onboarding project.


The platform allowed us to present key events from the company history as well as important milestones as they happened during the 3 years the timeline was maintained, up through the company’s go-private initiative in late 2018.

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