Trello Adoption Project


A company with a dispersed workforce has decided to adopt Trello to better manager its projects and workflows. They need a course to get all employees started with Trello and then that course will be repurposed as part of new employee onboarding.


The company's employees speak a variety of global languages. Local management has mixed expectations for activities that detract from productivity. There is limited time for training. There will be resistance to change from a variety of quarters.

When introducing a new program, it's important to strike a balance between too little and too much information. There would also be a temptation to provide a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Trello Training Proposal

Trello Intro Microlearning


I created a training plan that breaks learning down into a series of microlearning opportunities delivered online. This will ensure a consistent message, on-demand access to learning for reviews, and data vital for assessing the adoption and training. The training plan includes performance and learning objectives, an overview of how the course could fit into a larger Trello training universe, and ways to continue to motivate learners. I delivered the Training Plan as a PowerPoint presentation.

As part of the plan, I prepared a high-level proposal for an eight-part series of microlearnings on Trello. These lessons break the training down into manageable chunks, 3-8 minutes in length.

The first segment, Introduction to Trello, is an animated microlearning created using the Toonly app using a narration recorded and edited in Audacity.

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