Cybersecurity Training


The CIO requested a short training for all employees that would cover basic information about cybersecurity. This is intended to become an annual training requirement


Employees have a wide range of knowledge about cybersecurity issues and concerns. Many long-term employees have been exempt from updated measures or training about security. In addition, many employees are billable and are not likely to choose training over more lucrative activities.

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Cybersecurity Training video

Cybersecurity Training script


I consulted with IT leadership to determine the training requirements and then reviewed existing training resources to determine current expectations and practices. From there I developed a top-ten list of cybersecurity topics to form the focus of the training.

Because time was a consideration, we set the time limit for the finished training to 10-12 minutes. We agreed that the format of the training would be a video delivered on the Microsoft Stream platform through the company's SharePoint intranet to maximize accessibility. IT leadership would be responsible for compliance and reporting data.

Using my PowerPoint script template, I wrote a script which went through a review and revision process. Simultaneously, I curated consistent and memorable images designed to reinforce key ideas and created my storyboards. After approval of the script, I recorded the narration and edited the audio in Audacity.

I assembled the video using Camtasia. I created additional images as needed using Photoshop.


The video was reviewed by IT leadership and approved without requests for additional revisions. It was uploaded to Microsoft Stream and assigned to all employees in September 2020.

The training is scheduled for an update in September 2021.

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